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Braindex is one key tool for every company and professional, established in order to help connect those with ambitious projects and job offers, with those who are truly specialised in their field.We offer what every employer and employee wants to see. TALENT!
We offer TALENT for those with great projects and proposals.
We also offer to those with potential the opportunity to get involved within
Braindex is the largest database of talent and specialises in gathering talented individuals, across the globe, for every major industry and field of specialisation.

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Our Featured Services

What makes our platform distinct, is that we focus on covering all aspects of the working world. We offer the opportunity to those who have projects and those able to do projects as well.

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    Cross Browsers

    We also offer, cross browser options, where users have the opportunity to upload their profiles from other social media or communication platforms.

  • 2

    Easy Customization

    Any profile you might choose to have, your details and information’s can be easily changed, such that you can keep your audience up to date.

  • 3

    Modern Design

    Our platform has a modern design implemented, with all the up-to-date API’s that can facilitate a smooth communication between all the sides involved. The user profiles have everything integrated, from the option of uploading a CV

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    Quick Support

    Our team is always ready to help. Whether you are an employer or an employee, our team is always ready to help. Just leave us a message and we will reply you within a matter of hours.
    Every request that is addressed to us, is dealt by our professionals, in a serious manner.

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    Permanent Staffing

    Our approach is easy, yet offers plenty of option. We establish a connection between those who need to hire the best within their respective industry. Whether we talk about fields such as computer science or law, our platform is ready to help all those involved.

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    Payroll Management

    As we have integrated project proposals within the platform, our team can also help with the management of payment. We offer pricing options and suggestions, however it is up to you, to make the final decision, regarding all these details.

Our Creative Team

A better career is out there. We'll help you find it. We're your first step to becoming everything you want to be.

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Mark Hansen Ux Designer
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Joel Dudley Web Designer
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