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  • 1. Create an account

    Create an account in order to take full advantage of Braindex. You have a choice between two accounts as either candidate where you can be discovered by awesome companies and employer, where the best candidates can discover you and your proposed projects.

  • 2. Complete your profile

    Complete your profile with your name, details and an interesting description about what makes you special. You can also upload a copy of your CV for the employers to see.

  • 3. Search your job

    Braindex is one of a kind and we have integrated two services, for two needs, within one platform.


    If you are a candidate you will have the opportunity to search for projects that suit your abilities and expertise. Also our team, will regularly update and offer you the best opportunities that suit your profile.

  • 4. EMPLOYERS Apply

    If you are an employer looking to find the best talent, you came at the right place. With Braindex you can find the best talent, that could help you with the project of your dreams or the employee that could help your company reach the desired success.

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Client Testimonials

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Michell Anderson

Enfield, Uk2 Days ago

Braindex was a lifesaver for my e-commerce project. I have long been looking for algorithm experts, but I couldn’t find anything. It was only once I discovered Braindex, that I found a suitable expert, which could help me.

Roberta Tomas

Nevada, USA2 Days ago

Braindex is well structured and it was only a matter of serach before I dound out what I was looking for. It didn’t take long, before I finally managed to hired the ‘genius’ my company needed and now everything goes well.

Sebastian Goe

Erith, Uk2 Days ago

With the help of Braindex, I am now sure that whenever I need help, this platform will serve my needs immediately.

Ionut Morosanu

Bucharest2 Days ago

Simply said, if you are looking for an expert or opportunities Braindex is the only one that can offer you the right opportunities.

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Once you have created an account, you can choose from one of many packages available and begin looking for talent. The subscription paid for your desired package will be renewed every month. Once you have chosen a package, you can begin looking for the right talent, that is right for your project.

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